Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Bought a Couch!

Eeeeeeee!  So excited.

We have very few seating options in our home.  We have one falling apart, but squishy and comfy couch in the family room and next to it, an equally falling apart and squishy chair.  In the playroom, there's an even older and squishier love seat that unfolds into an extremely uncomfortable bed.  And that's about it in the upholstered furniture category....

until a few days ago!

On President's Day, Lyle and I looked at seemingly every couch in our county.  I had something pretty specific in mind-- a comfy couch with durable fabric in the tan color family, something that had no skirt around the bottom and showed some leg, and a couch that maybe had some curves and looked a little formal.  We found a couple of couches that would work, but nothing really got us excited about forking out the cash required to bring them home.

Then on Tuesday, I had a few minutes to kill  before dropping the littles off at school and remembered  an small furniture store nearby that I hadn't checked in years.  By this point in my couch quest, I was a very impatient shopper and fast walked through the store while the kids jogged behind.  Then I saw it.

It was tan.  It was curvy.  It showed legs.

I was afraid to sit on it.  No matter how lovely, I would not buy an uncomfortable couch.

Guess what?  Totally comfy!

It's an antique that had recently been reupholstered and resprung (is that a word?) but had a couple of dings on the wood frame.  I pointed out the dings to the salesman and talked him down to a price less than any of the ho-hum couches we'd looked at.

In fact, we got such a good deal, we came home not only with the couch 
but with a leather recliner for Lyle.

Franklin will never be allowed in the music room.


val said...

Like the couch....also think Franklin would look really cute on it!

Eileen said...

Franklin doesn't even get to sit on the falling apart squishy couches, so he can forget about this couch! I hardly even let my kids sit on it!

~T~ said...

Looks perfect!

Jen Bay said...

It's magical when you find the very thing you were looking for....

Tammy said...

It's beautiful and so unique!