Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

No, my girls aren't in a musical.  Actually, they are, but not that particular musical.
The four babies in our rose garden bird's nest have flown the coop.
Each sat for a long time on the edge of the nest,
as we stood on chairs to get a better look,
which I'm sure didn't help.

Their mama and their papa watched the babies
and watched us.
And tweeted encouraging things.

Until each one made a clumsy leap,
flopping down onto our front porch.

This one landing right between Olaf and Cholita,
the monster dog and the toddler.
I can't imagine that's what he intended.

But they all made it down safe and sound.
Four babies out of the nest,
snug and secure in our euphorbia bush.

Well done, family.

1 comment:

~T~ said...

I think we had the same kind in one of our bushes. I didn't notice them until they were about ready to leave, I guess. I scared one out of the nest, and all were gone the next time I looked. It's sweet that your tenants were so trusting!