Monday, July 26, 2010

Who Knew?

As a youngster, Bruder detested music lessons.  Be it piano or clarinet, it was painful for all involved.  Then he took up the guitar and suddenly the stars aligned.   For Christmas, Santa gave him some recording software and today we listened to one of his original songs.  Lyle and I just sat in front of the computer with our mouths hanging open in total shock.  He can sing?  He can harmonize?  He can write music and lyrics?

How and where did he acquire these skills?

It's a mystery.

Take a listen:


Terynn said...

When clicking on the video, it states that the video is private and requires an invite to view it.

But, I know exactly what you mean when you observe a gift in your children you did not plant there yourself.

Next? AI? :)

Eileen said...

For some weird reason, it plays on the blog when I get to it from Firefox, but when I get there from Safari, it doesn't. Computers don't like me.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! I just listened to it in my Google reader and it was SO good! He's REALLY good Eileen...on both the guitar AND singing :) Thanks for sharing!

~T~ said...

He did that all by himself? Nice!

Eileen said...

Yes, he did it all himself. I think he said he combined something like 8 tracks. I'm glad he got the recording program and equipment all figured out because we weren't going to be much help!

Jen Bay said...

WOW! Very nice. He sounds great. I'll have to let the kids hear him... he's really good.

Kelly said...

That was amazing! He is really talented. I think you better worry about a bunch of groupies banging down your door in the near future Eileen.

akwebb3 said...

Wow he is really good!!! He did not get those skills from the Kelley family, thats for sure!!!

Tammy said...

He totally inherited the singing ability from his Aunt Cari! Have you heard her karaoke? :)

Julie said...

WHA???????????????? Oh my goodness, Eileen...that was so good. He is so great on the guitar and what's with all the harmonizing??!! I couldn't do that in a million years. cool.

I might is a very catchy tune! Look out Jericho comes Bruder!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew is right...COOL TRACK!!!
Thanks for the kick start! This was a Message by the Moon for me.
I am not really getting my day started the way my employer would appreciate, but... Life goes on~
I listened to this track 3, NO 4 times. the 3rd time was with the lyrics on YouTube.
Most excellent Music & Message. I think alot of the youth feel this way. Very Inspiring ~ I wont give Up I wont give in. WOW-Seriously hooked...I just keep hitting replay
Then while on YouTube, I saw Maya & had to watch that too.
Thanks for sharing & caring.
We miss the Beck's & the 6th Ward.
Take Care
CharleyB ;)

ME said...

I hope my children are as awesome as your children.
'Bruder' is gonna be a heart breaker. I can just see him now on the coast with his guitar and his girl, sweeping her off her feet with his songs. I might just go out and buy a guitar-you never know what might happen!