Saturday, July 24, 2010

Four Years Ago Today

This little girl came into our lives.

Our precious Gold Autumn Chrysanthemum.

She was so brave that day, shedding very few tears.  

Her baby hair stood up all soft and fluffy and she wore an outfit that was about 3 sizes too big.

It was so big in fact....

....that she can still wear it today!

We loved her completely from our very first moment together
and now we can't imagine our lives without her.

Hasn't our Chrysanthemum bloomed?


Kelly said...

She sure has! Amazing.

Julie said...

I would say bloomed, blossomed, flourished....She's a true miracle.

We watched S-girl's video tonight. Talk about chills...wasn't that just one of the most awesome experiences ever??!!

I got some pictures of Summer in her outfit, too. It would be so fun to get them together!!

Jen Bay said...

Happy Gotcha day!

Tammy said...

She has bloomed thanks to two incredible parents and three awesome siblings! :)

Beach Mama said...

Happy Gotcha Day! She sure has blossomed...and is truly a miracle.

The Thomas Crew said...

She is so beautiful then and even more now. We haven't celebrated Julia's gotcha day this time because we are gotchaing another one but we will once I return. Chaning's gotcha day is only within a week difference than Julia's.
Okay, please do tell. Are you expecting or are you adopting again? A brother!!!

Amy said...

Oh, has she ever! What a beauty and a treasure THEN...and NOW...Happy Happy (Belated) Cholitaversary!!!
With Love and Prayers,

Treechaser said...

She's so beautiful! Hey, just met someone with a daughter from Guangxi (sp?) like your Maya, right? Which orphanage did Maya come from? My friend's daughter, Olivia, looks quite similar to Maya. Thanks! Christine