Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scenes from Halloween

I don't even know what to say about this costume.
It's unique. It's colorful.
This was what Lucy put together for her Halloween Piano Recital.
Miss Cholita, our dress-up queen, lives Halloween every day. On October 31st she just gets more candy. She chose to be Dorothy this year, an excellent choice since we had both a Dorothy costume and the red shoes. But then she saw the sparkly red shoes at Target and she hugged them to her chest and pleaded and begged until I gave in. I don't know another living soul who gets more pleasure out of shoes.

But on Halloween night, she surprised me by opting for saddle shoes instead of sparkles. If people asked, she said she was a "poodle girl".

Lucy decided against her "crazy alien" costume and joined Cholita in the poodle girl club. And now that I look at the picture, Cholita wasn't in the poodle girl club anyway. She was a black cat girl. Regardless, it was a bit of a nostalgic moment for me. I wore the poodle skirt years ago for a school Fifties night and little pre-schooler Lucy wore the black cat skirt. Sigh. As if it would make me feel better, Lucy pointed out that she did have to pin in the waist on her skirt several inches. No, it didn't make me feel better at all. It just made me want to do more Pilate's.

Rose was Glinda. Or "Guh" Linda, with a "Guh", I'm not sure which. or Witch.
Anyway, she was lovely.

Evidently, "pink" was the theme for Halloween 2009. Bruder has refused to dress up since he was about 12. Lucy's now a teenager, so I doubt that she has many more trick or treating years left. That makes me sigh even more than the poodle skirt.


Jen Bay said...

So fun! They look so great. What no costume for you or Lyle?

Kelly said...

So you are up late posting on your blog I see. I can't sleep due to coughing when I lie down. What's your excuse?

OH and I love the Halloween costumes!