Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. October

In many ways, our dog Olaf is a serious mess. He's got bad hips, very little stamina, and enough phobias to keep a canine psychologist busy for many long hours. To top it all off, he's a groomer's nightmare--a 120 pound lint catching, twig collecting, mud-caked mountain of fur. When he was a puppy, a local pet store had a special grooming price for all dogs under 1 year old--the whole shebang for $9.99. We took full advantage of the deal, proudly presenting our 100 pound puppy (and required birth certificate) for his day of beauty. I believe that store has now changed their policy.

Anyway, it costs far more to get him groomed these days, and so a spa trip is a rare and special occassion for Olaf and he knows it.

Here he was yesterday morning, pre-grooming session, not even making eye contact, knowing he wasn't presentable. When I opened the door and urged him into the car, he wagged for all he was worth and squeezed himself into the minivan. I think if they could put his hair in rollers and paint his nails, he'd be thrilled.

And now for the big reveal.....

I give you Mr. October,
happily posing for his photo shoot.

He's expecting a call from Westminster.

Glowing with pride, he strikes a regal pose on our hill.

"Hey baby."

Someone knows he's lookin' good.


Laura L. said...

He looks beautiful! Yay, Olaf!

Jen Bay said...

That must be one giant job. And he looks so slick now! Congrats Olaf.

Mach Momma said...

Is he a Burmese Mountain Dog? he is gorgeous! My cousin had one named Bronson. What a great dog. Very large, but great.

Eileen said...

Yes, he's a Bernese Mountain dog-- the breed originates from Bern, Switzerland. And yes, they are great dogs. Big. Lazy. Prone to shed all over your house. But great dogs.