Sunday, October 18, 2009


Beware the plethora of porch pumpkins

Beware, I've been doing crafts

Beware the black bear dog who will sit in your lap for snuggle time

Beware, Lucy's been crafting too

Beware the spiders on the door

Beware the haunted library

Beware the cobwebs (artificial and otherwise)
Beware Lyle's spooky portrait

And oh yeah, Happy Halloween!


Kelly said...

I am freaked out just looking at the portrait. Do you take it out just in October or is it a year round haunt?

Chelsea said...

I love all your decorations! I would love to someday be able to do stuff like that! I'm not a big pumpkin carver, so I loved the pained pumpkin idea!

Jen Bay said...

I love the rub ons for your pumpkins. That's a great idea.