Monday, November 2, 2009

Left on my pillow

Don't some kids just ask for video games?

Like it or not, adoption opened a whole new world of possibilities for my kids. Rose sees nothing wrong with being very specific in her request for a new sibling. It must be a boy and he must be younger. To quote Rose: "Definitely under 8. Having another person younger than me would only increase my power."


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, Eileen, this is so funny! And sweet! Any chance Rose will get her wish?!

P.S. Eileen, I thought I had your email address way back, but don't find it anywhere in my perhaps not. Is there anyway I could write to you privately? I have a couple of adoption-related questions I'd really appreciate your insight into.

If it's alright, you can reach me at

Have a great day!

Chelsea said...

Out of the mouth of babes! It's so funny because it's true. It's scary that she understands that already!

Jen Bay said...

It's so great when kids can really articulate what they want :) Did you articulate back?

Beach Mama said...

That is so sweet!

I have 2 bio children (boys) and 2 adopted children (girls). While schooling my 5 yo daughter the other morning, during the middle of Math she looked at me with a "face" and asked, "So am I going to get another sister or what?" I was so surprised! I would love nothing more than to bring home another sister or brother, but alas, it isn't meant to be.

Shirley said...

I believe children should get everything they want, lol

Laura L. said...

It's a sign! :)