Sunday, November 8, 2009

That's My Boy

When I was in high school, I believe our cross country team numbered about 5--and that was a big high school. Long distance running just wasn't something that high schoolers twenty years ago seemed very interested in doing.

I was shocked when I arrived early to pick Bruder up from practice one evening and saw a stampede of runners barreling past, numbering at least 50. Cross country has come a long way.

Bruder recently had his last meet of the year, districts, out in Sequim. I can't believe this is my little guy who took forever to walk. He was a Jabba the Hut baby--so much fat that walking just seemed way too much of an effort.

He certainly has no fat on him anymore.

What I love about cross country that I didn't see so much in track and field, is that the entire race is exciting. It's not just about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but all about finishing and putting forth your best effort.

There were a few kids out there who took a very long time to finish the 5K, but they did it--to lots of applause and congratulations. It inspired me to keep running, because although my 15 year-old makes it look easy, it's a hard slog. Maybe I just need a team.


Kelly said...

Way to go Bruder! Keep on truckin Eileen. It is a very tough sport.

Jen Bay said...

Amanda ran cross country this year. There were four girls, and maybe 6 or 8 boys... But it took her to Germany, Naples, and Milan... she said if it weren't for the traveling she wouldn't have done it. When I asked her if she ever liked running, she laughed and said, no, not ever, ever ever.