Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Take a Seat!

Blake and Maya have both staked claim on the booster seat and for whatever reason, the bottom stair of the staircase. Here is the booster battle as it unfolded this evening....

Maya looks innocent. Blake looks suspicious.

Maya makes her move while Blake shakes his head in disbelief. "You're so not getting this seat!"

Maya says, "Gee, hope my foot isn't distracting you from your dinner or anything."

Blake chuckles at his dinner entertainment while Maya says, "Really, don't mind me at all."

Blake says, "O.K., you've had your fun. Now this is getting ridiculous."

"Hello, Mom! Are you SEEING THIS?"

Even easy-going guys have a breaking point. Blake snaps and hair-pulling ensues.

Maya's chance comes when Cari unstraps Blake. After a brief scuffle, Maya claims her throne.

Maya knows her queenship is tenuous (the red head has some feist to him) and contemplates the need for a strap.

Maya looks pretty smug. "Yep, this is where I belong. Grapes and a fan please."

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