Thursday, December 21, 2006


I just had to post this picture of the Blake physique.

Maya trying on Sophie's hat.

I really need to get the video camera out more often. Maya has started to dance, and this girl has some moves! Mostly she just does deep knee bends, but here she's demonstrating a complex spin with a kick. Our favorite is when she'll just spontaneously burst into Riverdance mode with a brief, amazingly fast tap routine.

Maya feeding Blake.

It was pouring rain today, so we let the kids play at the mall. Maya had a great time running around. She was wearing her Chinese "squeaky shoes" which always get lots of attention and comments. Here, Adam was risking looking dorky escorting his squeaky sister through the mall.

Maya loved plastering her face against the shop windows. She was fascinated by this moving shelf.

I'm not sure if Maya knows there's candy in these machines, but she was sure interested in checking every single one of them out. Darn, no left-behind tidbits!

Blake found what he wanted--a Wiggles poster! While we were at the mall, Cari called Tony and found out their power had just come on. They left tonight with us hoping for another Duvall power outage in the future.

Maya's favorite thing was looking at the pretty decorations in the mall. She kept pointing to the ornaments and saying, "ball", although it comes out more like, "bao". She REALLY likes "baos" and likes to roll them back and forth, kick them, and carry them around the house. Adam thinks having a third sister might be o.k. after all.

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