Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

Our December has been crazy! I looked at the calendar and really couldn't see a date when we'd be able to all go pick out a Christmas tree. So, this year, while Lyle was at a continuing education course in Seattle and Adam was working on homework, I went with the girls to our usual location--Jones Tree Farm.

As you can see, we still had a decent amount of snow on the ground. We love the hay rides behind the clydesdale horses and Christmas carols. The trees may be overpriced, but you can't beat the experience!

We spent forever trudging through the snow trying to find the perfect tree. We were finally successful, but then we had to cut the thing down. Easier said than done. A man took pity on us and helped us out.

After our arduous lumberjacking, we went to the barn for hot cocoa and cider. Madeline really wanted Maya to have her first swig of hot chocolate, but she wasn't interested.

So we thought maybe our tree would be a bit too short. Wrong. Lyle complained that he probably had to cut off $15.00 worth of tree.

Maya seemed pleased with her first Christmas tree, but she can't beat Abby's level of excitement. Abby is about to burst.

The next weekend while Lyle was at an activity with the big kids, I took Abby and Maya to the "Santa on Tour" show. Afterward, the kids got to go up on stage to get a candy cane and sit on Santa's lap. Abby is an old pro.

Maya is not!

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