Monday, December 18, 2006

December 18

Many of you may have heard about the terrible wind storm that came through the Northwest on Thursday. Well, we lost power for about 12 hours, but poor Cari and Tony are still without power 4 days later! Cari and the kids came yesterday afternoon so that they could thaw out, get some laundry done and eat something besides Mac N' Cheese. We've loved having them here. The kids enjoyed running in the front yard today despite the chilly temperature.

Maya was feeling pretty spunky and did the cutest run down the driveway to Dad. Olaf thinks the hugs for him.

Almost there!

Yeah, I made it! Olaf says where's my hug?

The Qiu Throw finish! Olaf's turn's next!

By the way, I should mention that we had our 6 month post placement social worker visit on Saturday and....drumroll...I think we get to keep her!

We went to Target today so that the kids could do some Christmas shopping. Abby and Sophie were so adorable. I heard someone comment on the "cute sisters". I can't believe how close they are in height! They're almost exactly 2 years apart.

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