Thursday, August 3, 2006

We're Home!

Saying goodbye to China.

Have you ever heard that annoying song, "This is the song that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends..." Well, yesterday felt like, "This is the day that never ends..." By the time we fell into bed last night we'd been up for 27 hours.

I should mention that there was an exciting "first" at the airport yesterday. Lyle was holding Maya and she reached for me and clearly said, "Mama". Adam's first word was "Dada". Madeline's first word was "Dada". Abby's first word was "hi", quickly followed by "Dada". I was due.

Fortunately Maya slept through most of the flights. Unfortunately, that meant she was up at 2 AM our first night home, because while that might be sleeping time in America, it's playtime in China!

Have I mentioned that she sleeps with her eyes open? Kinda' creepy, but we'll keep her.

Since San Francisco was our first U.S. stop, we got to go through immigration with our new immigrant! It was pretty quick and painless. She's an American girl now!

Maya Qiuju's first step on U.S. soil, or as Adam pointed out, U.S. carpet.

We had a wonderful welcome home with an "it's a Girl!" sign on our front lawn, a decorated door, and lasagna in the fridge, all courtesy of the Whittles! Thank you!

We also want to thank our neighbors, the Bonomis, for the beautiful and very tasty cake!

Maya is both fascinated and terrified of the dogs. In this photo of her and Olaf, she's thinking either one of two things.

1. Great. I've been adopted by a family who keeps a grizzly as a pet. Doesn't the CCAA have some sort of rule against that? Or

2. Someone get me my chopsticks! Dog's on the menu in China and I've hit the motherlode!

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