Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 15

Ju Ju really doesn't like to be messed with--putting on diapers, clothing, etc. The diaper is a must, but hey, it's summer, and the shirtless look is O.K. She really likes exploring the kitchen. She's discovered the tupperware drawer and that's become a favorite.

We had a fun visit yesterday with the Batschi family. Judy (aka Miss Hannigan at our house) speaks Mandarin and talked with Qiu Ju. Qiu Ju got such a big smile on her face! It's hard to know how much she really understands, but I know she recognizes her language. It must be rather frustrating to her that we persist in our gibberish.

Maya has decided that she REALLY likes the dogs! She finds them very entertaining and they find her interesting to sniff and generous in the dropped-food department.

Ju Ju being cute. I have to say, we've had a hard time calling her Maya. We like the name and that's what everyone outside of the family calls her, but we have to consciously make an effort to use her new name. In China, we figured it was the least we could do to call her by the name she was used to. The idea was that we'd slowly transition over to Maya, but now we've been calling her by her Chinese nickname, Ju Ju. Her other Chinese nickname was Ah Ju, but since that's the sauce we dip our roast beef sandwiches in, we've had a hard time with that one.

We've been home 2 weeks today and can't imagine our family without her. We all love her to pieces.

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