Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 12

Little Miss Maya has really come alive this past week at home. She seems to be more and more comfortable with her new life every day. She ventures out exploring and is having a great time. Her motor skills have improved and she's now a pretty speedy crawler, and likes to walk with us holding her hands. She's a girl on the go!

Maya has had fun in the pool, despite the cold temperature. The kids still argue over who gets to hold her and play with her next. We'll see how long that lasts!

When I told the pediatrician all of the different foods that Maya has been eating, she said, "She seems to have a very adventurous palette." We have to agree! Seriously, we can't believe how much she can eat! At the dinner pictured here, she ate: 2 large pieces of salmon, half a chicken breast, 2 zucchinis, bread, multiple slices of watermelon, and a glass of milk. For dessert, (pictured), she tried a frozen lemon sorbet. She wasn't so sure. Maybe a bit of a brain freeze.

Maya has also started to vocalize more and we're not sure that's always a good thing! She SCREAMS when she wants food and will smack the table. We've been telling her, "Say Please," which we know she's not up to yet, but when she stops screaming and tries to say anything, then we give her food. She's very good at getting her needs met!

The Beck girls on Sunday morning. I know, there's not much holding that bow in, but it lasted for a while!

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