Thursday, August 24, 2006


One month ago today little Jin Qiu Ju met her family! I can't believe it's been a month and at the same time it's hard to remember not having her with us. Lyle took the 3 (Yes, Abby went!) big kids hiking, so Maya and I took the ferry over to Cari and Tony's house.

The county fair was going on in Cari's neck of the woods, so off we went! Here Maya's having fun scavenging for food with cousin, Blake. Blake is just a few weeks older than Maya and although he's not too much taller, he outweighs her by just a tad!

The Orme's friends went with us to the fair and for part of the time Maya rode in the double stroller with Joey. Maya felt it was imperitive that she hold Joey's hand. Joey, understandably-- I mean they'd just met!, felt uncomfortable with her display of affection and let her know he wasn't interested!

Finally Joey figured if he went to sleep she'd leave him alone! It was way past naptime at this point, and the boys had nodded off, but not little Miss Maya!

She felt it was a good time to get a little exercise in. Have I mentioned she's limber? Actually, shortly after this she got fussy and I moved her into the snugglie where she zonked out for the rest of the fair.

Playing with Blake the next day. These two were so fun to watch. It would be hard to find a pair of cuter cousins!

Maya and Blake aren't at an age when they really play together yet, but it was so nice because they don't fight over toys either. I think they both enjoyed each other's company.

Maya was pretty fascinated by older cousin, Sophie. Sophie riding her motorcycle was a big hit! I love this picture of them watching a show together. Apparently the blankie adds to the enjoyment of any event.

Do you like Maya's post-hairstyle Don King do?

Blake had enough of pictures! The hikers and dogs arrived at Cari's on Friday afternoon and we all enjoyed hearing about their BEAR encounter! Quite an initiation for poor Abby. Actually, the dogs chased the bear into a tree and Abby didn't even get a look at him. Lyle said it was a bit challenging though getting the kids to sleep that night!

Friday night we had a fun dinner with the Ormes then headed back home on Saturday morning. Thanks Cari and Tony!

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