Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two big kids, two little chicks

When Lyle asked XiXi the other day if he wanted to go with him to pick up chicks, I was grateful to know he was using the term very literally.  Baby chickens.

We started a couple of years ago with 8 chicks.  In our front room.  That was fun.  Then they were moved to a lighted box in the garage and somehow, one was stolen from the garage by some crafty animal and then we were down to 7.  Those 7 have served us well, but we've now had one more die of seemingly natural causes and another go missing.  And I didn't know this previously, but chickens don't lay eggs forever, so this is a long way of saying that there was a reason Lyle and XiXi, chick magnets that they are, needed to replenish our stock.

Our 7 new babies are: Baldy, Sandy, Blossom, Missy, Clarkson, a name I can't remember, and Agnes.  They're all new breeds to us--Auracana, Black Sex-linked, New Hampshire Red, and something else I can't remember, but I know it's a white breed.  It's one of those mornings.

But they're cute, I do know that.

And so are my big kids, who I don't take pictures of nearly enough.  As I look at my two oldest, I'm reminded of when Lucy was born and the doctor held her up for me to see.  My very first thought was, and I believe I even said it, "Didn't I already have that baby?"  Their newborn pictures are nearly identical.   When her big brother held her for the first time, he gave her a chubby toddler squeeze and said with great passion, "Oh, I've loved you from the day you were born."  And yes, he said that on the day she was born.

But I digress.  I was talking about chickens.  

Chickens who grow up and fly the coop even faster than kids.

But not much faster.

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Kelly said...

You're almost there with that oldest chick aren't you?