Monday, September 2, 2013

Eight is Great!

But seriously, Cholita eight?
Wasn't she a toddler like last month?

For her birthday dinner, she asked if we could eat at Red Robin.  
We thought about it, but with a family of 7, that's rather pricey. 
I asked her if we could create our own Red Robin at home?  
She seemed reluctant so I promised her that we'd do great burgers. 
We'd put up little tables in our backyard like a restaurant.   
I could even be the waitress.  
As I pried a bit more, I learned that what she really wanted at Red Robin 
wasn't the food or the ambiance or the wait staff, what she really wanted was to use the quarters she'd been saving to do the claw machine in the little Red Robin arcade in the waiting area.  
Ahh, mystery solved.

Well, it just so happened that a friend of ours from church, and one of Cholita's all-time favorite people, wanted to take her out for her birthday today and when she heard about Cholita's birthday wish, she was kind enough to take her to the Red Robin arcade to burn through some quarters.

Having done that, Cholita was quite excited about our home-version of Red Robin. 

Lyle was the cook and I was the hostess and the waitress (we're a bit short-handed). 
I showed Cholita and XiXi to a table for two and another rather rowdy party to their table for three.  
On our menu, we had several burgers to choose from: 
the Banzai Burger with pineapple and special sauce, the Bleu Ribbon Burger with bleu cheese and fried onion strings, the Royal Robin Burger, and the Keep it Simple Burger.  
All of the meals came with an appetizer of onion rings with dipping sauce and strawberry milkshakes.

Even with just 2 tables, I was hoppin'.
Thankfully this table was very patient.

This table, not so much.
Lyle ran between the grill and the kitchen, busy keeping everyone's order straight.

You may not know that Red Robin is now offering corn on the cob, but in this particular location, in the beginning of September, every meal must feature corn on the cob.

Still stuffed from our Red Robin feast, we decided to wait on cake and get to the present-opening.  Cholita's big sister, Lucy, worked so hard making clothes for Cholita's doll Rosalie.
I was so very impressed.  There were jackets she'd made out of old jeans, coats, dresses, three pairs of shoes, scarves.... 

.....and she even knitted her a sweater!
Rosalie made out like a bandit.

A big hug for big sister was definitely in order. 

And hugs for everybody else too.  
XiXi used his very own money ($2.25) to buy her some ballon rockets, Rose bought her a notebook and lotions and candy, Bruder got her a pocket knife of her very own (it's been on her list for a LONG time), and Mom and Dad gave her another item from her list: a Snow White dress. 
Is it just me, or does it strike anyone else as a great combination on a girl's wish list: 
princess dress and potential weapon?
It really sums up Cholita quite well.

With Snow White now in the room,
Bruder took on the role of the old hag tempting the lovely princess with a poisoned apple.
Wisely, Snow White said she wasn't in the mood for fruit,

and opted for the birthday cake instead.

Good call.
We love you sweet and sassy 8 year-old!


~T~ said...

Snow White definitely would have been better off with a pocketknife.

Tammy said...

We love Cholita too! What a fun birthday. I'm impressed with all the skills in your family, from waitressing to acting! What an awesome bunch!