Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A New Chapter

This photo signifies a lot.  
For nineteen years+ I've had one child at home during at least half of the school day.
I've loved it, but it feels like it's time.
Today, our little Yi Man boarded a bus for a full day of first grade.
If he was apprehensive about it, he sure didn't show it.
He's been eagerly awaiting this day.
And I think I have too.
Still deciding.

My high-schooler headed to early-morning seminary before the camera ever made it off the shelf, 
but I was more than ready to capture my 7th grader on her first day.
In typical middle schooler fashion, she wasn't thrilled with my photo-taking, 
but looked adorable none-the-less.

These two were so darn cute.
Cholita helped XiXi get his backpack all zipped and gave him lots of advice and 
words of encouragement. 

Not that he necessarily needed it.  He was ready to roll.

XiXi really wanted a Monster University t-shirt for his first day, but despite our valiant quest, we couldn't find one in his size.  He opted instead for this "Dark" Vader t-shirt.  He's never even seen the movie, but I think the fact that Vader is out trick or treating sold him on it.  
That and the especially important consideration for XiXi--
it has a stretchy neck and could easily fit over his head.

Because of district boundary changes, this was Cholita's first day at a new school too.  I will very much miss the uniforms she wore at the last school, but she's loving her fashion independence.

First grade and second grade, with classrooms right across the hall from each other. 
I love that they're at the same school together again, and they do too.

It was a rainy morning at the bus stop, but it didn't dampen their enthusiasm.

And just to keep me on my toes, lest I relax too much with the new schedule,
the 11th grader called and asked if I could drop off the summer homework she'd left in the printer.
It may be a new chapter, but yep, I'm still needed.

And speaking of new chapters, our oldest, Bruder, has turned in his paperwork to serve a mission for the LDS church.  His call should be coming any day now.  We have no idea where in the world he'll serve, but we're so proud of his decision to dedicate 2 years to the Lord.


Valerie Emerle said...

You go Yi Man! That "grin" is off the charts! You enjoy your peaceful've earned it!

Anonymous said...

No pyramid this year?