Monday, July 15, 2013

Ya' Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille

Or in our current state, "Ya' picked a fine time to steal from me Lucille."  But I doubt our thief's named Lucille.

Three weeks from today is our family reunion.  And today we noticed that the weed whacker's been stolen, along with a couple of gas cans.   It looks like we'll add "install lock on barn door" to the long list of things to do.  Oh, and buy another weed whacker.

In other news, the veggie garden is thriving.  This has been Lyle's project and while other people work in the front yard, he's been tenaciously chipping away in the back.

The grapevine arbor is done, with the sunburst pattern on the front and back.  The grapevine was already there and I love how he was able to work around it with the raised beds and also with the arbor.

The big curved concrete step is done, with a little ramp for a wheelbarrow.   We had some issues with sloping ground and I think Lyle's solution will be lovely when it's all done.  Can't you just picture the brick butting up against that cool step? I also like that there'll be a difference in color and material so that people will be sure to notice that there is a step.  I tell you, that concrete mixer was the best gift Lyle's ever been gifted.  

 I'd love to put a little cafe table and chairs on that lower patio level, pasture smells be darned.  
I can eat almost anywhere.

The paths already look so much better than they do in these pictures as Lyle and 3 teenaged boys spread and compacted gravel today.  Tomorrow they'll put down sand and hopefully Wednesday they can start laying bricks.  Lyle planned months ago to have this week off, knowing he'd need it to finish projects.  Once this one's down, he only has about 30 to go.  But this is the biggie.

The veggies are growing like great gangbusters.  Lyle planned the arbors with the wire fencing so that he could easily climb things.  The peas seem quite happy here, and XiXi gives his endorsement of the carrots.

Both little kids have been quite helpful and when they haven't been helpful, they've at least been cute.  In the background, I see the kiwi trellis with the copper piping across the top, another finished project.   Haven't mentioned that one yet, but I'll get more photos after the brick laying.....assuming the bricks aren't stolen between now and Wednesday.


Valerie Emerle said...

Wow....incredible. That vegetable garden is HUGE!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I love your garden walls- so tidy and awesome looking. We can't do that because we're in Ohio and it gets WAY too cold and they would all crack.

I am SO SORRY about your losses - being robbed is such a violation. Do get that barn locked, maybe even solar motion-detection spot lights for it.

Good luck with the reunion.

debra @ HOMESPUN said...

This is organized and beautiful!

Stacy said...

I am sorry your barn was broken in to.

Your garden arbors are amazing! Everything looks so beautiful. It is wonderful that your kids out with you.

I found your blog via the Cottage Garden Party. I hope you will follow my blog as well!

Pondside said...

What a big project! The star-bursts are beautiful - the entire thing is gorgeous....must show my husband!

Jen Bay said...

I love it!