Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just my luck

We've been in our home for over 9 years.  During those 9 years, probably not a month has gone by that there hasn't been discussion amongst the neighbors about paving our road.  It's long, it's dusty, it's frequently pot-holed, but getting numerous households to come to an agreement on a very costly project has been seemingly impossible.   Until now.

And of course, we found out Saturday that the road paving is happening this week--the very same week all of our deliveries were scheduled  for our yard.  Since delivery trucks can't traverse the road during or 3 days after paving, work has stalled and will resume next week.   Disappointing.

BUT, we do have another big pile of big rocks.

And we DO have a 4 zone sprinkler system.

And guess who helped with the installation? 

 That would be this guy, a newly minted 6 year-old,

who in addition to sprinkler work, specializes in tormenting his older sister when no one is looking, and turning on the brotherly charm when someone is.

Hopefully more photos next week!

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Valerie Emerle said...

That's a real bummer....was looking forward to seeing progress!