Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Sneak Peak

So much is happening right now.  Everything is on the verge of being done and I'm tempted to just wait and post a final reveal.  
But that would require patience.

The veggie garden teenager crew did some pretty darn amazing work on the brick pathways.

Lucy now volunteers to get herbs for dinner.
Or breakfast.
Or lunch.
People fight to take out the compost.  This is unprecedented. 

The only things that still need to be completed in this garden are the gates, the installation of the sink, and a couple of little flower beds near the barn.  

Over in the front yard, the plants are getting delivered tomorrow!  It feels like Christmas Eve.  
It will be hard to get to sleep tonight.

I love the pathways and the new flagstone patio at the top of the hill.  Even without the plants and grass, everything is already so improved.  The next two days will be big.  Plants, sod, steel edging, waterfall pump, mulch.......

You may notice the lovely green abode in the background.  As we were walking around the yard, discussing all the changes, XiXi said, "And has anyone else tried the Port-a-Pottie?  It's AWESOME!" He totally thought it was staying and was bummed to hear it's going bye-bye with the workers.

There's a stone bridge at the top of the waterfall and then you curve down two steps, and you're back on the path.  I love the twists and turns.  I never, ever would have come up with that on my own.  I wouldn't have thought beyond a single straight path along the crest of the hill.   And even that thought overwhelmed me for 9 years.  
But eyesore no more!

Hang up your stocking, Weedy Hillside.  
Tomorrow's Christmas!


Valerie Emerle said...

Awesome......even the porta-pottie(I think not)!

Ggomez said...

I am enjoying this so much! Thanks for posting it as it is happening!
I am excited daily to see what happened today!

Anonymous said...

Is that a windmill I Spy in the vegetable garden?

Betsey said...

When everything quiets down, maybe even after school starts, can Kari and I come and tour you new grounds? Boy, it looks so amazing and beautiful, even without the plantings! Well done. Such hard work and planning!

Anonymous said...

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Simone said...

I came across your blog by sheer accident but REALLY fell in love with your vegetable garden. I would much love to try to copy your because it's so well planned through and CUTE, effective and simply PERFECT !!! I think I fell in love with it :) my question: could you - if it's not too much trouble - post an outline of it, how you did it, what is needed and maybe what you put inside, ... an "how to get a paradise garden" like yours :) Well, you could also email it to me :)
I would LOVE to hear back from you and I'm glad I bumped into your blog. Thanks a lot