Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Success in the Goat Pasture!

Rose came into the kitchen, running up from the barn, looking a bit flushed:

"Ummm," she said.  "I think someone should come outside. "  She flushed a bit more.  "I think something is happening with Buck and Gwen."

I went out to investigate and yes, indeed!  A whole lot of something was happening.

Tonight I noticed that Rose stuck a purple post-it note on the cabinet above the desk:
February 27, 2013--Gwennie and Buck's "engagement"

From what I saw, they've skipped the engagement entirely and are well into the honeymoon.

So, according to a handy-dandy on-line Nigerian dwarf goat gestation calculator (don't you love the internet?), we have a due date of July 22nd.

No turning back now.  We're committed.


val said...

Having grown up on a farm I can appreciate amazing way for kids to learn about the "birds & the bees"!

Michael and Denise said...

Congratulations to Buck and Gwen!

Jen Bay said...

Well then. Shall I make a blanket for the baby shower.

Katy said...

What? No pictures?