Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love is in the Air--Hopefully

So we've never been much for animal husbandry.   Our dogs have always met with the knife at the first sign that they might want to have descendants.  Poor Franklin still doesn't even lift his leg to relieve himself.  He's a squatting gentleman, thank you very much.

But we've been thinking that we could use a couple more goats to keep down our brush and bramble.  Our trio have seriously been the easiest animals we've ever owned.  They're just cute, entertaining lawnmowers.  And better yet, they were free--gifted to us by one of Lyle's patients.  On the day they arrived nearly two years ago, here were our wethers--


and Hermes,

and our solitary female--Gwen.

Some friends of ours also have Nigerian dwarf goats and offered us the services of one of their fellas if we ever had the desire for goat babies.  I thought we'd probably leave that offer on the table.

But we do have a big family reunion coming up this summer (and the gestation time would work out about right) and visiting kids (the human variety) do seem to enjoy our petting zoo and the pictures of baby Nigerian dwarf goats are pretty adorable and we do have more bramble than the current crowd can handle......

So I made a call yesterday and left one of the strangest phone messages I've ever produced.  Thankfully it was the correct number and within the hour, this little man arrived on the premises:

Uncle Buck.

And when I say little, I do mean little.  I feel badly saying that about our viril male, but he's just the tiniest, cutest little guy.  Apparently he's a newbie at these types of rendezvous, but he seemed eager.  

Our goats took one look at him and ran for their lives.  Even the chickens scattered in a flurry of wings and squawks.

After a few minutes, Gwen shyly came over for an introduction, but our wethers body-blocked her and led her away.  They might not be up to the task themselves, but that doesn't mean it's open season.  No siree.


Uncle Buck just kind of stood there like, "Hey, if you'd just get to know me!"

Then our males escorted Gwen to the barn where they directed her to the top step and Hermes effectively pinned her there.   XiXi said, "Mom, I don't think Gwennie likes her new husband."

Gwen finally wriggled away from Hermes and made it into the goat house, where she was continuously shooed away from the entrance by Costello, while Hermes kept watch from the steps.  


Poor Uncle Buck.  Why do the women never go for the little guys?

He's on loan for a month. 
 Cholita's got big wedding plans.
Baby names are being picked.

Maybe a candlelight dinner?
Time will tell.


Brooke said...

One of the funniest posts I've ever read. You totally have me cheering for the little Romeo. May his loins be fruitful and your brambles consumed.

Tammy said...

Com'n Uncle Buck! Don't let the out of town visitors down this summer! Crossing our fingers! What a hilarious post! :)

val said...

Maybe it will be a victorian courtship. Anyway I'm rooting for Uncle Buck ....he's adorable!

Jen Bay said...

So funny! Sounds like the big brothers need to go on a small vacation.