Monday, March 21, 2011

Made With Love: Yun Xi's Bed

When Lyle was a little boy, he had a bedroom under the stairs.  No, he did not live with the Dursleys or anywhere else on Privet Drive.  He did live with seven siblings and he was thrilled when his grandfather built him his own room under the stairs, complete with a raised custom bed with drawers underneath.  Lyle said he learned to recognize everyone in the family just by their footsteps.

Fast forward many years and Lyle remembered that little room as he designed a bed for our boy.  After lots of thought, we decided to put Yun Xi in with the little girls.  Both teenagers each have their own rooms, but with their early wake-up times and later bedtimes, we thought it would be easier to keep the 8 PM'ers together for night time stories and prayers.  It's admittedly a girlie room, full of light blue and pink, so Lyle wanted the bed to be all boy.

Since it's a toddler-sized bed and we know Yun Xi won't be in it for long, Lyle wanted it to be dual purpose.   When the middle shelf is removed and a pine top added, it will convert into a desk.  

I helped carry it up the stairs and it's seriously solid and very well-made.

We had a very old toddler bed in our attic that each of our children have slept in.  Lyle took off its legs and cut through the back to add a ladder.  It was a dark-colored wood laminate that clashed with the pine, so Lyle headed to Home Depot to pick out paint.  For color inspiration he brought the blanket we'd tied for Yun Xi.

I so appreciate the fact that I married a man who has no qualms about carrying a baby blanket into Home Depot.  I dearly love him.

And I think a three year-old boy will dearly love this bed.  I know a five year-old girl who certainly does.

With the ladder at the end, it's a fire truck or a pirate ship or a tree house or any number of things.

But tonight it's just a bed and Cholita was thrilled to give it a test run for her brother.


Julie said...

Lyle has gone and done it again!! I'm gonna show Darren! ha ha I love it. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully done! We are so excited for your family - what an amazing journey. He is one lucky little boy.

*On a side note - you may want to remove the exact dates of your travel since the blog is not private.