Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Day in Kunming

Without the help of a guide, today was an adventure. Lyle is currently out searching for a grocery store because the dinner we had was so spicy and so mysterious in nature that we ate very little. The menu was written only in Mandarin and no one at the restaurant spoke English. I think we're fairly bold eaters, but I do like to have some clue as to what I'm putting in my mouth. When we made our choices, I avoided pictures that showed anything with a head on it, but obviously my thinking was flawed because at least I know a chicken head from a snake head. What we got was definitely not chicken.

Cholita was struggling to keep her eyes open and then began crying because her tongue was on fire. Bruder sweat profusely as he plowed through what we believe was a potato/mixed meat dish. Perhaps we were feeling overly confident after a fantastic lunch. This beef stir fry knocked our socks off and there wasn't a scrap of food left on the table:

Earlier in the day we walked through Green Lake Park, right across from our hotel. The social groups in China, especially for the elderly, are impressive. They are out daily doing tai chi, playing chess, dancing, and I saw one woman who looked to be about 70 attempting a pull up on a tree branch. These dancers were from one of the many minorities that make their home in the Yunnan province:

Under a glorious blooming wisteria arbor, this man played a traditional Chinese instrument while his friend sang into a microphone. I believe it may be an acquired taste.

Bruder tried his hand at a Chinese instrument as well. It's nice that he has a talent at guitar.

And I don't think we could possibly make it through a Chinese day without the ever-present paparrazzi.

Tomorrow is the big day and I feel surprisingly calm. From the start of this process, we've had so many reassurances that we're doing the right thing. I just know that we're going to love this boy and that he'll eventually love us. Seeing our darling Cholita back in China has been somewhat surreal. She'll always be Chinese, and yet she's also not. When we first met her, I strongly felt the influence of the culture that she'd lived in for nearly a year, but more importantly than that, I saw in her eyes her indomitable spirit and that spirit wasn't born in China and it wasn't born in the United States.

Somewhere in this massive city a little boy is sleeping, completely unaware that his whole life is changing tomorrow. Please pray for Xi Yun Xi, that he'll be blessed with an extraordinary amount of courage and please pray for us that we'll feel an outpouring of love and empathy. We know that what God has started, He will finish.


Kelly said...

Crying a little. Good Luck! What a lucky boy he is.

Terynn said...

Wonderful experiences. Wonderful ponderings. I am happy to pray for your little man, as his world flips. God will be there, this you know.

Vicki said...

Eileen, Your pictures are beautiful and I know tomorrow will be a day you will never forget. Things are going great with our Jilliana. The first day was tough. Our little ones knew what to expect, so they were awesome. I will be thinking of you and cannot wait to see your post.

Tammy said...

Oh Eileen, this is so fun for us! Thank you for posting about your trip. We are anxiously awaiting the next post!!! We are praying for you all! I can't even imagine how my famiy would handle that interesting food-we would be in big trouble!

Woodine said...

I am so excited to see a picture of your whole family together. You are in our prayers tonight.

Amy said...

May God bless Xi Yun Xi with courage, peace and comfort as he moves forward into new life with his forever family. May he feel your love and God's presence instinctively and may every need of his heart be met.

Praying for each member of your family, Eileen. So grateful in the knowledge that God will meet each one of you just where you most need Him.

Love and Prayers and Every Best Wish...

Whatshername's Mummy said...

I love Green Lake Park, especially in the early evening when the locals are out exercising.
Will be following every step and thinking of you in Kunming.