Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Almost Perfect Saturday

Rose was a nervous wreck this morning on her way out the door to her first cello recital. She's been playing for 2 months, barely enough time to figure out how to rosin your bow if you ask me, but Rose adores the cello and seems to have an affinity for it. Despite her beginner status, she needed to look the part, so we did her hair in a sophisticated up-do and found an appropriate cello-playing skirt, which isn't as easy as one might think.

She looks goofy and care-free, but she was nervous. Really, really nervous. Which made me nervous.

The recital was at an assisted living facility and the room was comfy and cozy with a TV set, fireplace, and squishy couches. Rose was essentially playing in "Grandma's family room", to an audience with compromised hearing. It was the perfect environment for her cello debut. She played 4 songs, three of which were accompanied by her big sister on the piano. Unfortunately, I had recording issues that weren't resolved until her final number--the duet with her teacher. Here's a sampling:

I could not be more proud of that girl. When she walked back to her seat, she beamed. She was so glad to be done.

And then her dad came in late, missing her performance. The recital was nearly over and Rose's teacher, sad that her dad missed her songs, called Rose up again for a repeat. I thought for sure she'd object, but up she went for round number 2.

Lyle was late for good reason. He was at Bruder's track meet, waiting in the rain for the mile run. It was worth the wait. Bruder got second place with an impressive kick at the end. The final time hasn't been posted, but Lyle guesses it was in the 4:50- 5 minute range. Not bad for his first meet of the season.

Then we went home and watched the BYU basketball game. We'd already had a wonderful cello recital and fantastic track meet and couldn't expect three for three. BYU got slaughtered.

It was an almost perfect Saturday.

For the truly dedicated (Grandparents, this means you), this is the "French Folk Song". I'm not sure why it's sideways. I do love how how she quickly scratches her nose midway through the song. She cracks me up. This song was added only two days before the recital, but I thought she did great.


meemsnyc said...

What a nice recital!

Sue Mom of Two said...

Rose did FANTASTIC for her first recital, and after only 2 months of lessons! She definitely gets applause from me!

Hotel in Brugge said...

Lovely posting!! Sweet and cute baby. nice smile on face and interesting this post . amazing your ideas and cool thought so thanks

Joyce and Jeff said...

BRAVO! I have been following Scravings and loving the creativity of your family! :)