Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Pea Spa

Or I also could have titled this post, 
"The Best Big Sister EVER"!

Here are the "under twelves" enjoying a relaxing drink before beginning their spa experience.  
Notice the massage center in the background.  

Normally I'm not too keen on the kids using my bathroom, but anything that keeps the littles entertained for literally hours, is a good thing in my book.

And if a foot soak is what it takes to get these two calm, cool, and collected, then so be it.

Lucy took these photos and I just love them.  
And toddler feet?  Well, I love those too.

From the foot station, they moved onto the hands.

Lotions, ointments, and nail polish.

And now, introducing one of my favorite pictures of all time....

I give you......

Spa Cho!
AKA Queen Cucumber

Poor little brother will wonder what fate has befallen him.
Lyle grew up with six sisters and lived to tell the tale. 
 Let's hope Xi Xi can handle three.


akwebb3 said...

That was so cute!! My kids don't even like each other let alone do nice things for each other!! LOL

Chelsea said...

Very cute!

Jen Bay said...

How fun!

Julie said...

Ah so fun!! Poor S-girl! She needs a sister!! I love that little queen of cucumbers!! She is hilarious!

Tammy said...

Man, I wish I was under 12! That looks so fun and relaxing. That last picture is awesome!!!