Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Prayer For Our Littlest One

It's been a difficult few days.  New information on Yun Xi has brought me to tears and brought me to my knees many times.  He's not in foster care, as we'd assumed.  He's in the orphanage and most likely has been his whole life.

The other night, I was sent a link to a blog where a woman had documented her 2009 trip to Kunming.  She was on a heritage tour with her two boys, both of whom had both been adopted from Kunming.  She had an album of pictures from the foster village and I eagerly looked through each one, hoping to catch a glimpse of Yun Xi.  I didn't see him, but with hundreds of children living there, I wasn't surprised.  Then, I went over to the photos of the orphanage.  Knowing that Yun Xi had spent his first months there, I was curious.   As I clicked through the photos of adorable babies, suddenly my screen was filled with the face of a chubby two year-old.  He was a year younger than in the photos we have of him, but it was obviously our Yun Xi.

I was able to contact the woman who took the picture and also had a long phone conversation with another woman who was also on the tour.  She met our son and remembered him and shared several more photos.   He seems to be a favorite amongst the nannies.

In this photo, he's on the left, helping in one of the baby rooms.

This woman said that he seemed very happy and for that, I am so thankful.  She did say however, that the children only leave the orphanage when they have medical check-ups.  Yun Xi's whole world has been this compound of buildings.  Admittedly, it's a gorgeous facility, unlike any orphanage I've ever seen.

  But it's so obviously not a home.

I can't imagine a little boy wandering these huge rooms.

Under this photo of Yun Xi and one of the nannies, the woman had written, 
"I want to bring this one home."


Please keep Yun Xi in your prayers.
That he's being loved and cared for in the orphanage.
That his spirit is being prepared for the great change that will happen in his life.
That we'll be prepared to teach him what it means to have a family.


Jen Bay said...

What a blessing it will be when you are all togehter.

momof5 said...

I really will pray for him and for your family. What a sweetlittle boy and lucky to be loved by all of you!

Julie said...

Eileen...I know that this is difficult news. And yet he looks so happy. It is definitely a blessing that he is a nanny favorite. But it is hard to imagine him living in an orphanage his whole life. I remember there were days after getting home with Summer where I would be brought to tears...just thinking of her sitting in her crib all day long. At times, I just had to stop thinking about it.

I know that you have been led to this precious little boy and he is going to grow and thrive in your amazing family...inspite of his 14 names! ;)

Miss Ashley said...

Eileen, I'll be praying for him.

Kelly said...

I am so confused! I haven't read any blogs lately. I thought he was in foster care and that you located his sister! What's up?

Eileen said...


He's been in the orphanage, but in the orphanage they arranged them into "families" and that's where he had the "sister". I just heard yesterday though, that when they learned he was being adopted, they DID send him to foster care. Poor kid's getting bounced around all over!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Eileen, It's me Leslie, aka Wife of the Prez! And the Leslie from Yunnan group!

I wanted to tell you these photos of the facility are the new part that was built for the tour. Most likely they were not using this part the whole time Xi Xi has been there and it was definitely built for show. Still the old part also had large windows and lots of light, which is always nice.

The lady in the photo with your Xi Xi is the same nanny who was with our An Yan Wen in the hospital back in 2008. She was very kind to us and our daughter was very comfortable with her and seemed very attached to her. This lady was not our daughter's main nanny but is definitely a regular nanny. I have a couple more photos of her I think if you'd like them.

Can't wait until your son is home where he belongs, and totally OT but wish I could visit your daughter's spa! LOL!