Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Fourteen years ago yesterday our little Hawkeye made her entrance into the world.  We were at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City.   Lyle was in his prosthodontics rotation during his junior year of dental school, and we wondered if he'd even make it for her birth.  Thankfully he did.  At that time of our lives, I was watching other people's children in our '70's era condo during the day and in the wee hours of the morning Lyle was cleaning the dental lab.  Our toddler boy was a chubby little package of endless energy.  We were poor and busy and tired, and on October 25, 1996, we were blessed with our sweet and confident Lucy Loo.

When he met her at the hospital, her brother leaned down and whispered loudly in her ear, "I've loved you from the day you were born."  Obviously not long, but a sweet sentiment still the same.

Last night she was gifted with an I-Pod that she finds adorable.  My guess is that I'll find it in the washer.  The shirt she was wearing was picked out by Cholita and bought with her very own money.  When I asked her what she thought Lucy would want for her birthday, she said, "I think she'd like to see me in a white dress."  When she saw my look of disapproval, she quickly said,  "Just kidding.  What I meant to say is that she'd like to see me in a white skirt."  She's a sly one.

Rose also labored over a present and also used her own money.  Lucy absolutely loved her ring.

And Bruder's present?   In the card he'd taped to the box, he wote, "I'll have you know that I had to summon up all my courage to go up to the cashier and actually buy this item......".  What could it possibly be?

Taylor Swift piano music.  

That's a truly sweet brother.

Happy birthday to our wonderful fourteen year-old.


Julie said...

I love it!! Your kids are so thoughtful. And once again..Cho's antics had me in hysterics. Seriously....you are going to have your hands full for years to come with her!! ANd I mean that only as a compliment!!!

I can't believe Lucy is 14!! Wow...happy birthday to her!! Hope her day is special...and filled with Taylor Swift piano music!! What a "brave" brother!!

Katie said...

Oh Eileen! Your little Cholita makes me laugh so hard! She is SO cute! Happy Birthday Lucy!

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Eileen said...

Yes, our fashionista mall rat has us very worried about her teenage years!

Kelly said...

Wonderful presents from a loving family! Happy Birthday.

Jen Bay said...

Happy happy birthday from all the Bays.

Tammy said...

What a beautiful 14 year old. I'll always remember her as the cute baby that was at our wedding. :) I love that gray shirt on her. Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday. We're glad that Lucy is in our family!

Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely Lucy! Eileen, each one of your kids is beautiful...inside and out! What a special celebration!