Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Baby Tells Her Story

We're so proud of our little girl!



Suzanne said...

That is the BEST! What a great telling of her miracle story!

Kelly said...

My favorite part is when the neighbor says "WHAT?'

She is a gem!

Lisa and Tate said...

She is so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your story.

Jen Bay said...

I LOVE it! That is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest UTube I've seen! She sounds like such a little sweetheart, please give her a hug from this anonymous viewer. I'm so glad things went so well for her.

Tammy said...

We all loved listening to her tell her story. She's so cute! We are all very grateful that our prayers were answered. I loved the emphasis on her "energy". Sounds just like her cousin. :)

Chelsea said...

Thanks so much for sharing that! Very sweet!

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Natalie said...

The combination of her sweet voice and your beautiful pictures is so touching. I'm with Kelly on the favorite part! She could do voice work!

MissMel said...

cried and cried and cried, Eileen. I'm so happy for you. I LOVE YOUR MAYA!

Anonymous said...

that was so cute i was almost crying

Katy said...

how fun to hear her little voice! What a character!