Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Writer in Residence

Have you ever read, The Floods of Kerkistania? What about, Forest Friends? Or perhaps your book club is discussing, A Nightmare Come True? If you haven't heard of these fine works of fiction, someday you will.

I happen to know the author. She's amazing and totally dedicated to her craft.

She cherishes her alone time. Well, I guess it's not really alone time. It's time with her pen and paper. We have her books all over the house, lovely little journals filled with Rose's musings.

These journals will be worth big money someday.
As if I'd ever sell them.

What would we do without our sweet Rose?
We'd probably have to get T.V.


Terynn said...

Your Rose is beautiful. And I've always said that watching children grow up is waaay better than TV! My favorite show. :D

~T~ said...

Perhaps you can recommend one of her masterpieces for our book club? I bet she'd love to perform a dramatic reading.

Tammy said...

Rose is a one of a kind. I've always enjoyed listening to her tell stories and describe things. Such creativity and imagination. We love and miss her.

Gayle @ Mountain Mom said...

Oh what absolutely adorable pictures!Such a beautiful treasure you have there, four of are blessed beyond wonder!