Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Autumn Chrysanthemum amongst the Spring Tulips

Yesterday I was taking pictures of our tulips
when Cholita wandered into the scene.
She matched the flowers so perfectly.
The evening was so gorgeous.  
My camera was so charged.
Please look at Mommy and give me a big smile, Cholita.

Cholita?  Yoo-Whoo!  Hello, over here?
Not happening.

But anyone bold enough to put together this outfit
 should be cut some slack.  
Don't you think?

Thankfully I've found that if I stick with her long enough,
she'll forget I'm there
and I can usually get something I love.

Springtime is magical.


Kelly said...

Love the unlaced saddle shoes.

And your tulips-WOW!

Danae said...

Your flowers are incredible! And I totally agree with the fashion statement made here, somehow she always seems to pull it off perfectly.

Lori Lynn said...

Your patience paid off with a beautiful trio of shots! The colors are so beautiful and spring-like.

I love your yard.

Jen Bay said...

So fun. She seems to love the flowers as much as you do.

The Mommy said...

Love all the shots!!
What a beautiful family:)
Hope you get a chance to hop on to my blog too!
Have a great day