Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tree Envy on the Prairie

For some people it's shoes. For some it's electronic devices. For others it's kitchen gadgets. You know, the items that call out to you, "Buy me! You need me! You must have me!" Frankly I get bored shoe-shopping, electronic devices confuse me, and kitchen gadgets bring with them certain expectations. But, trees....ahh, there's my temptation.

I stood under this beautiful tree in a local nursery and as the branches swayed past me in the breeze, I envisioned my girls holding a tea party under its glorious canopy. Obviously my daughters, or more likely granddaughters, couldn't hold their party at the nursery; I'd have to create a tea party canopy of my own. How could I deny my posterity such a pleasure? I couldn't and later that morning numerous travelers on Viking Way unwittingly joined in the slow-moving motorcade behind the creeping (lest a branch be broken in transit) truck transporting the weeping Katsura.

The girls have named our lovely specimen Charlotte and I hope to keep her happy. Well, as happy as a weeping tree can be.

Laura Ingalls would be envious. As a matter of fact, she visited. Or maybe it was Holly Hobby, it's difficult to tell.

She ran away before I could get her name.

But I caught her on the porch. Little Cholita-on-the-Prairie I believe she's called.

And if she stays tiny long enough, she may get a tea party in a billowing tent of blue-green leaves.
Now there's a certain Maple that's calling my name....

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Jen Bay said...

It's going to spectacular... in a few years...