Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He's a Mountain Dog.....Really

And in Olaf's younger years--here as a puppy--you'd believe it. He loved the mountains and looked so regal posing against the backdrop of the Olympics. But as he's gotten older, heavier, and arthritic, the love is gone.

After last summer's hike, when Olaf required assistance up the mountain, I thought his hiking days were surely over. Lyle apparently thought otherwise and loaded him and our trusty lab Charlie into the back of the truck for another scout hike.

This time Olaf made it up the mountain. Slowly and laboriously, but he made it. Going down, however, proved troublesome. With about a mile to go, he laid down on the trail and refused to walk another step. The leaders poked and prodded, ordered and begged, but our gentle giant just quietly panted and thumped his tail and wouldn't budge.
Using one of the leader's hiking poles, and two jackets, the men made a stretcher and hauled our mountain dog home.
This time Lyle agrees. From here on out, Olaf stays on flat ground.


Jen Bay said...

But I'm sure that's good scout training.

Kelly said...

Oh poor Olaf. I know just how he feels. Since our hike to Timpanogas Caves this summer I have vowed to get into better shape myself.

Terynn said...

Bwhahaha! Funniest dang thing I've seen today! Love. it. :)

akwebb3 said...

Just like your friend kelly I hiked to Timpanogas this summer. I couldn't believe I made it. I would have loved to have some scouts make me a stretcher.