Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slaves to Fashion

Today was "Fashion Disaster" day at my girls' school--at least they told me it was fashion disaster day. I didn't see any evidence of that when I dropped Lucy and Rose off this morning and saw other normally dressed children running into school as the bell rang. Hopefully my girls had their date right because otherwise they may REALLY have had a fashion disaster. Either way, at least they had each other. "You think I look weird? Check out my sister."

Cholita saw absolutely no disaster in her sisters' attire. With awe in her voice this morning she said, "Oh, you two look GORGEOUS!"

Proving that fashion is indeed a matter of taste.


Jen Bay said...

She is soooo great!

Shirley said...

That is hilarious!

Kelly said...

Love the blue goggles dahlink!

Jill said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and so much fun!!!
Jill from The Glen