Saturday, May 23, 2009

Berm Baby Berm

The title of this post should be sung to the tune of the Bee Gees disco hit, Burn Baby Burn. Ours is a slightly different landscaping version. I also could have named this post, "It takes a lot of dirt to make a mountain". Oh, does it ever. When we started, we figured that we would need 2, maybe 3 yards of dirt to make a respectable mound out of this big flat triangle.

One yard fits in the bed of our truck. This took SEVEN yards!

We also wanted to move some rocks down from the top of our hill. This could not be done with human strength alone but luckily for us we have the very best type of neighbor--one with large machines who is always happy to rev them up and move big things. This morning I felt the ground shake, heard a rumble across the back lawn, and knew it was rock moving time. As I was directing our neighbor until he was over each rock, I felt like I was at the video arcade using a giant claw machine....A little to the left, a little to right, now grab that teddy bear!

You have been chosen!

The end result was worth the extra work and extra dirt. It was even worth the bulldozer tracks across the front lawn.

Rose, our Doubting Thomas, said she loved it. And if Rose likes it, we know we've done something good.

One summer yard project done. About ten to go!


Kelly said...

I will be doing good this week if I just get the tomatoes in the ground! Great work guys!!!! Looks so lovely

Bevy said...

WOW - I'm impressed! Great job!

Beach Mama said...

Y'all did a great job with the landscaping! Anytime you want to try your skills in NC, come on down!

akwebb3 said...

wow what a great job. I am so impressed. I pulled all the weeds in my front yard this week and thought I was doing really well. However I must brag a bit and say that I did teach Aidan to swim in less than an hour on Friday and now he is doing dives and flips off of the diving board at the public pool. So take that Big Sister, HaHa. My house and yard may never look like yours but my kids can swim!!! LOL