Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our future son-in-law, the gobbler

As the ending credits rolled on "Barbie: The Twelve Dancing Princesses", my little girls dipped and twirled and had the following conversation:

Rose: I know Genevieve liked the pauper, but I still would have waited for a prince.
Cholita: Yeah, me too.
Rose: But I guess he wasn't really a pauper, he was the royal cobbler.
Cholita: The royal gobbler?
Rose: No, the royal cobbler. He makes fancy shoes.
Cholita: Oh, I would like that.


Kelly said...


Chelsea said...

That is so cute! Little kids are such a crack up sometimes!

Lisa and Tate said...

Royal gobbler or prince. Heck, I too would go with the over abundance of fancy shoes!!!

Terynn said...

I see the red shoes... :~)