Monday, April 13, 2009

They grow up so fast

I actually heard myself saying this to a young mom the other day and I immediately wanted to gag. I can't count how many times I heard this when my kids were tiny and time seemed to creep at a snail's pace. Now as of today I have a FIFTEEN year old and I feel ancient!

Our first baby wore us out. Completely, totally exhausted us. But, wow, were we smitten.

Fifteen years ago, Lyle, the proud papa, didn't even look old enough to be the dad. Maybe the big brother or teenage babysitter, but certainly not the dad. And no, we didn't get married in high school.

Bruder was our fattest baby by far. It was kind of a point of pride. Yep, my milk produced that volume of chunk.

We chronicled his every holiday, every "first". He has FIVE volumes of finished scrapbooks complete with prolific journaling. (And surprisingly with all of that writing, there's not a single sentence explaining what was happening with my bangs.)

And now our baby's fifteen. Last night (birthday eve) he pestered us until we caved and gave him his present a day early. An electric guitar--what were we thinking? Up until now, our house has always been so calm and peaceful and so this will be quite a change for us. Honestly, the words "calm" and "peaceful" haven't described our home for, hmmmm.....let's see......about fifteen years.

They grow up so fast.


Laura L. said...

They do grow fast! When I was a young mom, I grew tired of hearing the "old" ladies say that to me. I thought it would never happen, but alas it did. They grew up!
I don't consider myself to be "old" now, but I admit I might have told a young mom to enjoy, because they do grow fast. :)

Queen~King~Prince~Princess said...

I am in the snails pace season, it does seem forever. Ill be happy if Korbin if 15 and is like Bruder.

Kelly said...

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset... Quickly go the years! Happy Birthday Bruder. We are both way to young to have 15 year olds!