Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's all about ME!!

I can remember when I was in college I read in my child development textbook that toddlers are egocentric creatures. Even with my limited child rearing experience at the time, I didn't think that was really groundbreaking news. Besides teenagers, I don't think anyone is quite so full of themselves as a toddler and my little Cholita is no exception.

She's started reading and has an odd yet endearing tendency to play favorites. She has several words that she really likes and one word that she loves. She scans every story before she starts to see if she can find this beloved word. She asks me to write it, to finger spell it, to discuss at length the greatness of this word. "Mom," she'll say as we sit down to read something, "Do you think there are any M's and E's that are put together in this book?" Well, we can only hope.

Yes, my egocentric toddler's very favorite word is....of course....ME!

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Amy said...

OMGosh, Eileen. It is so great to catch up on your blog! Your writing always gives me the biggest smiles!

Good for Cholita! I say, go for it, sweet pea, as long as you can...Me me me me me me ME! Time will come all too soon...Well, we moms (former teenagers and toddlers ourselves) know the REST of THAT story!

Eileen, your vacation(s) looked amazing! It's wonderful you guys had such an incredible adventure together.

I have to tell you though, having been on blog hiatus for the better part of the last month, I was really confused with the kids' names. I thought I was going nuts having a memory of very different names for everybody. I had such a laugh when I finally got back to your "reintroduction" post. Phew!

Thank you for stopping in to offer encouraging words for our family, Eileen. I can't tell you how much the support from friends has meant to us.