Monday, April 27, 2009

Blog Distraction: Spring!

My Cholita tromping through the tulips.
If I've been a delinquent blogger, I have a good excuse. I've been distracted by Spring. Cho is my garden helper and always urging me to to"go check on the flowers".

We put in a circular path around our cherry tree last year and planted lamb's ears and bulbs around the base. I was disappointed with these tulips when they first bloomed. They were such a blah yellow color, but they've matured into this pretty coral that I'm quite fond of.

Some of them even sport a red petal or two and we all know Cholita appreciates a splash of red. There are some aliums mixed in there too that are yet to bloom and Cholita and I check on them daily . Something about a watched pot never boiling I'm sure applies to bulbs as well. And to the Redbud tree pictured below. Come on already!!!

We planted flowers in the barn window boxes and Lyle's been laying new paths in the vegetable garden.

The snow capped Olympic Mountains are such a beautiful backdrop on a sunny Spring day. There's nowhere else I'd rather live and no one else I'd rather have as my gardening buddy.

Now if I could just find the motivation to make the inside of the house look decent, life would be almost perfectly beautiful.


Jen Bay said...

Jealous of your lovely flowers. All I seem to have blooming are dandilions.

MissMel said...

These pictures make me miss my old haunting grounds SO BAD!!!!!! Love you.

Laura L. said...

These are such pretty flowers. I love the angle or perspective(?) of the ones with Cholita and flowers. Cool.
The view from your backyard is beautiful. I'd never want to leave either.

Amy said...

What a beautiful garden in a spectacular setting, Eileen! (And your garden buddy is a beauty, too!)