Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Our family's President's Day dinner included several notables. There was:

John Adams....

...looking remarkably well preserved.

And this character....who is not a crook.

And believe it or not, this is our state's namesake, the father of our country, none other than George Washington. Cholita wanted absolutely no help in the costuming department and she chose this lovely red evening gown, a pearl bracelet, and an interesting crown made from fencing that came with My Pretty Pony.

When the other dinner guests pointed out that she didn't resemble Washington, she snapped, "This is MY Washington!" I take that to mean, "You do Washington your way and I'll do it mine. BACK OFF!"

Rose had an unfortunate incident with a round brush just prior to dinner which resulted in a disposition that didn't lend itself well to photo-taking. The round brush episode happened when she was trying to coif herself into NOT a president, but rather a resident....

....of the White House of course.

George changed out of the crown for dinner so as not to offend the other guests (actually, John Adams thought the crown might be a good idea), but opted instead for a pink bow. Each guest had facts to share. Lyle, also known as Grover Cleveland, only said that he was buried in a piano box, a "fact" which has not been verified and shows zero effort in the research department.

I was a president who I'm sure you all know. "Old Tippecanoe" he was called. Our ninth president, Mr. William Henry Harrison who died after 32 days in office. Not surprisingly, he hadn't been able to get much done in the White House since he was still unpacking boxes and hanging pictures.

All was educational bliss until Rose supplied the fact that a member of the Secret Service accompanies Sasha to school. After that little tidbit we couldn't pull ourselves back to history. Does the Secret Service man volunteer as a reading buddy? Or at least a four square partner? Does he bring a sack lunch or buy? So many questions.

Hail to the Chief!
May he (or she) always live up to the high expectations of their office.


Jess to the Lo said...

sounds like a GREAT president's dinner! I love the idea and especially the execution. Well done kiddos!

Kelly said...

LOVE it! I wish I had your stamina and creativity Eileen. You always inspire.

Durben Family said...

What a great idea! I'm totally going to steal it for next year. Other than shoe sales...I really had no ideas for Presidents Day.

Jen Bay said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant. To think, all we did on President's day was... hmmmm... wait, I'm sure we did SOMETHING... nope, clearly nothing notable.

Laura L. said...

Wow, I admire your creativity too.
I'm sure you're children have learned from this and will always remember it.
Really fun.

Terynn said...

If there were prizes to be given (and I am not suggesting that you introduce a competitive aspect to this educational and fun event), the prize for best president would have to go to Madeline. She has the dignified air of a President. Nice. :~)

Katy said...

Eileen, your writing is so fresh and humorous! Everything you write is entertaining. What a talent!

Jaxon and Brittney said...

I love you guys. Next year we are doing that for sure!!! I just want to invite Mya over for a few hours if she needs to put on some makeup and shoes and crazy 'jewels' I even have those satin mules with the pink feathers over the toes. don't ask how I came up with that pair! She as well as all your girls can come over for a few vanity filled hours of beauty bliss! Just dont expect them to learn anything that is actually important besides that curling your eyelashes does wonders!