Sunday, May 28, 2006

She Looks Just Like Us!

O.K., you may think we're nuts, but we really think little Qiu Ju looks as much like a Beck as a little Chinese baby can! She has the same full lips, same amount of hair, same high forehead, same bright eyes, same pale skin, same round head, same button nose. Do you guys see it, or is it just us?

A funny little story is that when I was pregnant with Abby, the kids were quite taken with a storybook called, "Chrysanthemum", about a little mouse who gets teased because of her long name. Adam and Madeline felt strongly that our baby needed a floral name. They wanted, of course, Chrysanthemum, but also really liked Blossom Sprout. We wound up using the name Rose as Abby's middle name because the kids were so set on a flower name. When Tony told us that Qiu Ju translated to Autumn Chrysanthemum we all just laughed. It couldn't be more perfect.

In honor of Qiu Ju, we all laid on my bed last night and read "Chrysanthemum". Everything just feels so right about this little girl joining our family.

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