Friday, May 19, 2006

Rose Trellis

Lyle completed a beautiful rose trellis for our front entry. It was a challenging project--not just to put together. Painting was an absolute beast! It's almost a shame to cover it with vines!

I should add that insane Lyle stayed up ALL night to finish the trellis! He finished at 10 AM, slept from 10-11, and then went to work from 12-8. Totally crazy.

I love the arch around the entry.

I planted an "autumn sunset" climbing rose on either side of the trellis. The plant on one side is still very tiny, but the other side has started to bloom. I LOVE this rose! The buds are the exact red color of our front door, but then they bloom apricot-colored and go through several stages of yellow. Supposedly they are perfect in our northwest climate, so hopefully they'll fill the trellis soon!

The trellis creates lots of neat shadows on the porch. With the weather getting hot, we've eaten dinner on the front porch every night. The swing has also gotten lots of use!

View from inside the house.

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