Monday, May 8, 2006

Lyle's First Marathon!

Lyle finished his first marathon! His goal was to run it in less than 4 hours, and he finished in 3 hours 45 minutes. He was able to run the majority of the race with his good friend from high school and college, Kevin Skinner. This was Kevin's first marathon too, and he also did great. A fun surprise for Lyle was that his former dental assistant, Kirsten Wildblood, drove down from Idaho to see Lyle finish the race. That was so nice of her, and Lyle was very appreciative. Lyle said mile 20-21 felt great, but 22-26 were very painful. He said he needs to heal awhile before thinking about doing a race like that again!

In this photo is Lyle, Kirsten, Kevin's mom Naomi, and Kevin

Lyle's sister, Julie finished a half-marathon! This was her first effort at such a long distance--quite an accomplishment!

Kevin had lots of family support for the race. Here he is with his mom, wife Katy, and SIX daughters! Wow, a lot has changed since college!

It was very convenient that new baby Tacy made her arrival while Lyle and Madeline were in Utah. Madeline said she is SOO cute and Lyle called her a sweet little thing. Congratulations to Jean and Jon!

Lyle needs a project at all times--home or elsewhere. He and Dave made this wood box/window seat to store wood for his smoker.

Dave out smokin' in the garage. Lyle said they had some great beef brisket and pork loin.

Madeline took photos of her cousins. She found Matt to be very serene and contemplative.

Woody is getting some love from Kate because he sure wasn't getting any from Lyle! I don't think Woody will miss him! (Correction: Woody will indeed miss me tremendously. I'm sure he enjoyed the deep guttural reprimands immensely. I've never seen a dog get a tennis ball that far back in his throat without any ill-effects.)

Lovely Syd before church

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