Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Girl Can Run

We watched our middle schooler run in her very first track meet yesterday. I truly had no idea if she was fast or slow or middle of the pack. 

From the time she could toddle, she'd run laps around our house (or I guess toddle quickly)....usually singing as she went.....or telling herself a story. 

We'd be sitting at the computer or on the couch and through the window we'd see her--going around and around and around--a total girly run with flippy hair and happy arms.

This has happened numerous times a day for YEARS. She runs for fun and relaxation but has never run to keep up with other people or get timed or go any set distance. 

So as she lined up yesterday against 3 other schools of 7th and 8th graders, I was curious. Is she fast? Can she run without singing or are the singing and running a package deal? Does she have any competitive spirit? 

It was a half mile and the whole first lap she stayed in the second lane, not knowing that she could have moved in. A coach in the infield caught her attention as she went by and motioned for her to take the inside lane. Once she did, she gained ground and moved into third place. Midway through the second lap she moved into second place with two girls from Kingston hot on her heels. I wondered if she had anything left, but my happy girly runner SPRINTED around the final corner and down the stretch and left the Kingston girls in the dust. Second place finish in her very first track meet! And she didn't even sing. How we love that spirited girl.

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