Tuesday, March 18, 2014

100 Days

Next week will mark 100 days since our son left home to serve a mission.  I'm surprised it's been that long and somehow at the same time, it feels longer.

To celebrate this milestone, for his package this month we wrote down 100 reasons we love our elder.  One hundred is a big number and I put out our paper several days in advance, thinking it would take a long time to come up with that many things.   I underestimated our son's awesomeness.  It was no problem and we polished it off easily in one evening.

Each family member used a different colored marker so our elder could quickly see who wrote what (although he could probably guess by the handwriting--Cholita is tricky though because her handwriting is better than most adults.)  Her number 65 is one of my favorites.  Yes, her brother does always worry that the milk might be bad.  I also love her #72.  Something about a sweet child's misspelling when they're talking about something so heartwarming makes me get a wee bit choked up.    And speaking of misspelling, #57 is a good one--XiXi's observation that "he's a Good bruther".

And speaking of getting choked up, Lyle's #100 said, "He's my pride and joy."  

Yes, indeed, we have the first part of the word missionary down pat.
We miss him.

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