Monday, September 3, 2012

Cholita is Seven!

Our sweet little birthday girl can beat a dead horse like nobody's business.   The days leading up to her big day were filled with questions:

Have you gotten my birthday list?  Has everyone in the family gotten my list?  Do you think that two people might get me the same thing?   If they do, how do I not hurt someone's feelings?  Have you all told each other what you're getting me so that doesn't happen?  What if I don't like my presents?  

You get the idea.  Much to her relief, she did not get two of the same present and she was gifted with several presents from her list.  XiXi bought her a Rapunzel wig, Rose bought her candy and a Rapunzel doll (yes, she's a big Tangled fan), and Mom and Dad got her a tiara and clip-on earrings....big dangly, gaudy clip-on earrings that she's already campaigning to wear to school.

I was especially impressed with the homemade presents from the big kids.  Lucy made her several items for her dolls: the throw pillows on the doll bed, the black dress (made from a sock), the adorable crocheted collar, several headbands, a doll bag, and inside the dollbag....

Just what every doll needs.....

a laptop.

I especially loved the bathtub, complete with a homemade loofah.

Bruder, who leaves for college day after tomorrow, spent many hours making Cholita an impressive bow and arrow set, just her size! 

She concentrates,

 let's it fly,

and has hit the bullseye more than once!

With her lost teeth and permanent ones coming in, she suddenly looks so much older.  
In so many ways, she's 7, going on about 14.

Happy birthday Cholita girl!
We love you to pieces!


eliana23 said...

The tiny doll laptop is the sweetest thing ever. Until I got to the bow and arrow.

xx said...

you have very creative and innovative children! Love the little gifts they made!