Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wow! Shand Box!

XiXi tends to make all "S" sounds into "Sh" and today, upon seeing a beach for the first time, he exclaimed, "Wow! Shand box!" Yes, all for you my dear, the world's largest shand box!

In the great Northwest, bathing suits are often worn in combination with coats. As a matter of fact, we pretty much had the whole beach/shand box to ourselves because it doesn't really get warm here until July, maybe August, and even then, the water's frigid.

But this nut of a girl decided that she wanted to take off all clothing down to her swimsuit and risk hypothermia by taking a dip. I told her that she'd be miserable. I told her that she'd regret it. But there was no stopping her.
I hate to say I told ya' so, but seriously, Cholita.

The must-have item of the day, the fought-over item was the funnel. No matter how many beach toys we bring, there's always one that everyone wants. Or at least the two youngest want.

Lyle was on a hike with Lucy and Bruder was at a district track meet, scoring his best time of the season in the half mile (2:07), so Rose was the big kid today. Seeing her out and about in nature just makes me smile. She revels in wind and rain and snow and sunshine. She does The Sound of Music spin with arms thrown back and head turned up to the sky. She reminds me that the world is truly a fantastic place.
And she's a pretty fantastic kid.
We went home sandy and tired.

Some still chilly in a damp bathing suit.

And some with a kink in the neck.
It was a good Saturday.


Jennifer said...

Love the towel picture! That would be one of those "let ya figure it out on your own" moments...she'll not forget soon. :)

Jessika said...

I completely echo you on the weather. We're in Eugene, Oregon. I warned my in-laws (from Ohio) that the coast might be cold (it was July). I had to secretly sneak coats and blankets out to the car. And we ended up using them all. Such are Pacific NW coastal visits! XiXi is such a great child. You seem to have really hit the proverbial jackpot on all your children... though great children are such the reflection of great parents!

Jen Bay said...

Fun update... makes me want to go find a beach... and a funnel.

Tammy said...

You're a great Mom because you let Cholita choose to get wet in her bathing suit. Nothing like learning from our experiences and natural consequences. :)

Kelly said...

Love that last shot of Xi Xi. That must have been one tired kid! And does he have a flowery car seat? Totally fine if he does btw.

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